Fukuo Tanaka / Topnoch Glass Worksについて

Topnoch Glass Worksで作るガラスは主に酸素バーナーでパイレックスというビーカーなど理化学ガラスと同じ耐熱ガラスです。他のガラスに比べ強度、透明性が高いのが特徴。ちゃんと作ればクリアガラスの中の歪み等は発生しません。また強度が高いので溶ける温度もビール瓶や一般の窓ガラスより融点が高く、酸素バーナーから出てくる炎はそれらの2〜3倍の高さの2000度〜2500度。その炎の中でガラスを溶かし作業しています。



About Fukuo Tanaka / Topnoch Glass Works

Topnoch Glass Works mainly uses pyrex which is heat resistant glass used for borosilicate glass like a beaker. I use the oxy-fuel burner to work.As compared with other glasses, the thing equipped with intensity and high clarity is the feature. If it makes perfectly, the distortion in clear glass will not occur. Moreover, since intensity is high, the melting point is higher than a beer bottle and a common windowpane. The flames which come out from a fuel oxygen burner are 2000 degrees - 2500 degrees 2 to 3 times the height of the melting point. Glass is melted with the flame and a work is made.

Accessories, such as a pendant head, are developed as a standard line. Since it is handmade one by one, although a form is alike, it is perfect original. I create the works to attract people by trapping the liquidity or the narrative in the φ20mm〜φ60mm glass. One style derived from a small glass ball as glass technology is made into the concept of topnoch, and is created.