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田中 福男

1979年12月大阪生まれ・岐阜県出身 今は無きGlass House研究科卒。3期生。
卒業と同時に東京都日野市に個人工房「glass works topnoch」設立。
“1mmから の制作”“素溶”(ガラスを素直に溶かすこと)を頭に置き、美しい模様、色を追求。
その他理化学硝子制作工場のサカイグラステックと共同で“incense cylinder”を制作発表(2008)、


Fukuo Tanaka

Dec 1979, born in Osaka, and grew up in Gifu.
Graduated "Glass House" Tokyo International Institute(now lost) of Glass Art Advanced course. 3rd generation students.Started activity as "topnoch" from the first year grade. In Hino-city, Tokyo, the studio "glass works topnoch" was founded simultaneously with graduation. From the technical stance, the glass to wear is mainly made.The size of glass is about 35 mm.
Technique is a burner work and the material is borosilicate glass. From 2007, exhibition will be opened per year at a place random several times. After temporary working at Tama Art University, learned the Japanese glass artisan’s technique at factory of physics and chemistry. Keep the original technique and logic, “ work from 1mm” and “Soyou (=to melt the glass obediently)" in mind. Pursueing the beautiful pattern and the color. In addition, collaborated with Sakai Glass Tech(borosilicate glass factory) to produce"incense cylinder” in 2008. Practicing at various places, such as a ZOZOTOWN project, a jewelry store,and a vocational school lecturer.

It moves from Hino City, Tokyo to the Chiba Prefecture Ichihara city in July, 2014.


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